• Singapore FC

No Way Through

Singapore Football Club lost its first game of the Cosmo season, as it came up against a determined Vikings' defensive wall.

Following a severe downpour, that saw the preceding game called off, SFC finally took to a soggy, but rapidly draining pitch at GEMS Academy.

The early stages of the game saw SFC dominate whilst Vikings, without their regular star striker, were happy to sit back and absorb any early attacks. For 90% of the first half SFC, with an attacking triumvirate of Hutcheon, Hemmingway and Shotton, probed for areas of weakness yet the Vikings’ wall held firm.

Eventually, however, the deadlock was broken by the Scandinavians. The ever-impressive, Domino Anderson, with a rare sally forward released one of his teammates who then crossed with a perfect pinpoint ball into the box. The onrushing Vikings striker head home well. A neatly executed break and a good goal. Vikings 1 SFC 0.

Having become accustomed to similar tactics by now, the half time talk for the Sashmen was to remain patient and continue to move the ball quickly, on what was now a very slick surface.

As a result, the second half continued in much the same vein as the first: a considerable amount of SFC possession and attempts on goal. However, on this occasion no breakthrough was forthcoming.

Vikings players doubled and trebled their attention, and numbers, on Shotton and Hutcheon, whilst Garreau and Walter continued to search for the gaps to thread the ball through. All to no avail.

As the clock wound down, despite SFC’s numerous efforts on goal, for once they couldn’t find the final opening they needed.

A good lesson for Singapore Football Club, who must learn quickly from this game. Next up Olympique Gaulois.