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Hutcho: First Blood

Since the eighties there have been many different action heroes, coming all in sorts of different guises; Major Scott McCoy, Frank Dux, John McClane, Martin Riggs, Ripley as well as Colonel John Matrix. Whilst many names have come and gone, the proprietary eponym is still “Rambo”.

At Singapore Football Club they have Andrew Hutcheon aka “Hutcho”. A name synonymous with goal scoring.

A highly decorated Cosmo veteran with multiple golden boots to his name. A tough and obdurate marksman that communicates in barely comprehensible grunts. He is filled with an unquenchable rage, yet he is still willing to use his skills and talent to help those close to him. Clearly the character parallels between the two men are legion.

And, so it was that Hutcho quickly put those same killer instincts to work, on Saturday afternoon. It took him just six minutes, to be precise.

Somerset speedster, Ross Plain, raced down the right flank after making light work of two Rangers defenders before putting in a pinpoint cross. Hutcho, arriving at the back post, headed home powerfully to make it 1-0 SFC.

Five minutes late SFC doubled their lead. Plain again the danger man down the right-wing, this time he bulleted the ball to the near post where Hutcho duly executed, ruthlessly. 2-0. Eleven minutes played.

TGA Rangers quickly made changes to their defence, but SFC continued to press on. Hutcho’s fellow “Baker Team” members were going for the kill. Ross Macklin and Tim Walter were controlling midfield well, with DJ Dashnyam causing further problems down the left.

With 20 minutes played the third goal came. This time courtesy of some neat passing between Dashnyam and Hutcheon before Dom O’Shea finally dispatched the ball to make it 3-0.

At the back, SFC remained untroubled. Pompey and Lloyd neatly cleaning up any loose balls with the minimum of fuss. Meanwhile, Ronnie Smollet, desperate to be involved in some way, decided to stop the game so he could change his boots.

With five minutes of the first half remaining SFC then delivered their best passage of football. A goal kick, played short to Jack Cullinane, was the start of a patient fourteen-pass move that finally found its way to Hutcheon.

The Scotsman brought the ball two yards inside the box before pulling the trigger, with his right foot. With Hutcheon’s Cosmo hatrick No.68 complete, SFC went into the break four goals to the good.

The second half continued in much the same vein as the first, with Macklin and Walter continuing to control the midfield with O’Shea linking well upfront.

Eventually Mo Yasin, assuming the role of Colonel Trautman for the afternoon, decided he had seen enough and unleashed John Norfolk into the fray.

A few minutes later with the cushion of four goals, more changes were rung as SFC threw on their remaining subs. As Hutcho walked off to the sidelines he was heard muttering incoherently to himself, something about “First Blood” and “Mission complete".

As the game wore on Matt Zatto began to make inroads. The American, found himself clean through on goal, before being hauled down with just the keeper to beat. Penalty.

Tim Walter, keen to continue his goal-scoring form, promptly stepped up to convert the spot-kick.

Final score 5-0.

Man of the Match: Andrew Hutcheon


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